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Debenhams is a British multinational retailer operating department stores in the United Kingdom and Denmark, with franchise stores in other countries. The company was founded in the eighteenth century as a single store in London and has now grown to 178 locations across those countries. It sells a range of clothing, household items, and furniture.

Back in May2020 LYNN news published a piece written by Allister Webb about Debenhams abandoning its workers amid claims they have been told to apply to the government for redundancy pay. A union has accused The high street chain, which has a branch in Lynn, went into administration last month and several of its stores will not re-open after the coronavirus lockdown. Now, leaders of the trade union Usdaw, which represents shop workers, have alleged the company has told its staff to apply to the government for redundancy pay and pay in lieu of notice. They also claim that the company is warning of further redundancies and store closures. Usdaw national officer Dave Gill said: “Debenhams staff have been in turmoil for a long time as they’ve seen the company go into administration, make significant store closures and job losses, come out of administration, close stores because of Coronavirus, furlough staff and then go back into administration. "Now they are being threatened with further redundancies and more store closures. “It is deeply concerning that Debenhams plan to pass the burden of redundancy pay and pay in lieu of notice onto taxpayers, particularly as they are already in receipt of huge grants to pay 80 per cent of furloughed workers’ wages. "It is too easy in this country for companies to sack staff and dump the responsibilities on the state. There needs to be significant reforms to make it harder for businesses to abandon their staff. “To top that, Debenhams continues their anti-union stance. We urge the administrators to turn their back on that disgraceful position and engage with Usdaw, the trade union for Debenhams staff and we remind them that by law they have to conduct meaningful consultations on any proposed job losses. “It’s crucial that the staff and their voice should be heard and they are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. "We will continue to provide our members with the support and advice they need at this very difficult time.” Debenhams announced the appointment of FRP Advisory as its UK administrators on April 9. At that stage, chief executive Stefaan Vansteenkiste said:“In these unprecedented circumstances the appointment of the administrators will protect our business, our employees, and other important stakeholders, so that we are in a position to resume trading from our stores when Government restrictions are lifted." But 11 stores nationally are thought to be closing for good after the company failed to agree new terms with landlords. Both Debenhams and FRP Advisory have been asked to comment.


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Former Employee - Stylist says

"No work life balance expect you to cover with very short notice"

Former Employee - Senior Food Services Advisor says

"Couldn’t choose holidays Had to work through unpaid breaks Horrible management with no progression Rude HR team"

Former Employee - Sales Adviser says

"Debenhams,account cards ,were pressure to sell ,if you didn't meet the targets,you were,taken into an office and practically ,told you'd be out of a job"

Current Employee - Sales Advisor says

"Pay, account pushing, no job satisfaction, horrible way to make people redundant. To name a few."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Didn’t pay me on time Underpaid every month"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Redundancy, progression, no toilet breaks"

Former Employee - Advisor says

"Where do i start !"

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Everything down to pay . hours Work no room to progress"

Former Employee - Retail Sales Assistant says

"Poor management and repetitive role."

Former Employee - Debenhams says

"Bullying culture Bad Management trickles from the top down"

Head of Personal Shopping (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Debenhams 26 years I have all my life for the company advertising myself build good customer relation lots of accounts I opened for them and working sometimes 6 days never complain but what make me so mad it's how they treat their staff just to make them redanded they send us text for s conference call to tell us we are made redundant That's"

Sale Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Debenhams let me go via a group phone call, they read a statement and cut off the call. They push for account opening and make you very unhappy doing it. Playing mind games with absolutely no job satisfaction. The people are usually nice but the managers are usually not. You get treated like children. The pay is basic and they do the bare minimum for you as a company. You are a number. I am pretty happy anywhere normally but this company was very disappointing to work for.Friends you makeManagers, negative atmosphere, not enough pay for the work."

Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Company that only care about profit profit profit, opening cards, and not about their staff. It’s a very easy job but every day is the same and management do very little"

Visual Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This company is the worst I have worked for, they do not care for their staff who are overworked and under appreciated. They take short cuts where possible and pay staff the minimum they can get away with. Take any other job rather than work here, trust me."

Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Worked here for several years and have worked with some great managers and supervisors who made it a pleasure to work for Debenhams but sadly in recent years they have all left ! The result you have a bunch of ruthless, untrustworthy, disrespectful bullies who would push you under bus to save their own skins !Staff discount, and the many lovely customers I served during my time .Being made redundant by conference call, with only 3 days notice after many weeks on furlough."

retail sales assistant (around my studies) says

"Worse place I have ever worked in! Management are awful and bullies, they used to check your personal bags when leaving work and embarrass people!You’re on your feet all day and I wasn’t allowed to have a bottle of water on the shop floor for hours!!NoneHours, on your feet all day, management"

Anon (Former Employee) says

"No respect for staff unless you are part of the in crowd . Management had favorites, not to be trusted, and they got the best shifts on the rotas .Low staff morale and general feeling of unrest and constant pressure to meet targets out of your control .Its such a shame as this used to be a great place to work with better quality management.Staff discount.Backstabbing management."

Loss Prevention Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Debenhams is going through changes especially since going into administration. The store was poorly managed. Lack of trust and job security raised stress levels in individuals. Poor leadership meant lack of direction and purpose."

Sales Assistant (Part-time) says

"The amount of pressure they put on you for accounts and emails is ridiculous for the money you are paid. If you don't get them then you aren't the favourites. They change rotas the day before and expect you to be psychic. Management aren't professional in the slightest. They have their favourites and if you aren't one of them they give you the rubbish. Treat loyal and hardworking staff the worst and have no authority over the ones taking the mick. Job security isn't the best either. You could do them a million favours and you'll be lucky to get a thank you.Your work matesmanagement, job security"

Merchandiser/Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked there 26 years and was only 5p over the minimum wageIt's not a great place to work you are pressured to open accounts and get emailsPlus it's in administration so job security is not greatI loved merchandisingRubbish hours"

Sales Advisor (Part-time) says

"Apart from the racism and bigotry from most of the management especially the store manager the floor staff are great. I worked at the Newcastle store for over 2 years. In the beginning it was great but then it went down hill. Too many managers (not doing at great deal.. usually socializing in the office) and not enough floor staff. The pressure for opening store cards ( usually without explaining to the customer they are opening a credit card: which is illegal!) is terrible. You have to beg to take your holidays When you want and when you use your staff discount of 20% you are made to feel like you are doing something wrong. Security watch the staff more than the customers hence thefts everyday! I regret staying for the couple of years I was there. I’ve never been as happy since I left in 2019. 20% discountRacist store manager"

Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Worse place to work for. Your mental health is more important. Managers do not care they only care about bonuses and getting credit cards. Just don’t apply worse decisions you will make"

Finance Officer (Former Employee) says

"In the last 5 years it felt like taking a water out with our hands from sinking Titanic. No communication between management, no chance of progressing. Don’t waste your time.NoneCompany in administration"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Avoid at all costs !!! Rude supervisors poor management awful place to work never got paid correctly and was always blamed when they would put it in wrong or you would show up to a shift and they wouldn’t pay you for itNonePay"

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Managers play favourites, no communication from management to staff . Pay is not worth what your expected to do, far too much negative pressure on targets.20% discountEverything else"

Travel Money Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Whilst the employees and in store management were for the most part nice, head office and out of store management were definitely trying to get something for nothing from pretty much all employees"

Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work eveeyone is just horribke and want to be the best ... managers are horrible and always find fault. Hours where not your choose considering j was a student and only contacted for weekends i was made to work the weekday also even though u had other commitments... hated walking in every week because there was always a drama of aome sort"

Restaurant Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work, expected to do too much at once, high management treat you terribly and don’t treat you with respect, made redundant over the phone with 3 day notice period."

Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"They treat you like dirt speak down to you when felt like it and fired me for going back at them after they sat there laughing in my face because I got upset with the way they treated me"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked for the Manchester Market street store for over 3 years. DO NOT WORK HEAR. You get nothing back for your hard work, it’s never recognised. Management are TERRIBLE. The floor manager for the beauty hall was by far the worst manager I’ve ever had to work with. Unprofessional, sly and nasty don’t even cover it. The beauty hall staff are manipulative and there is no loyalty with anybody. Put it this way, I’m now on medication for PTSD after working here. It was VILE."

Scott says

"Purchased items on the 25th December 2020 and still have not received them. £130.00 vanished from my account immediately but the goods are nowhere to be seen. It’s now 18/01/2021"

Jeremy says

"Ordered on 29 December and still not received. Stuck with Hermes who for the last two weeks have said something along the lines of 'Item delayed, we'll have it on the move again in 24 hours'. No response from Debenhams or Hermes. It wouldn't be unreasonable to wonder whether this is some sort of an exit scam."

Stewart says

"I only received refunds for 2 pairs of trousers when I returned 3. I have emailed 4 different departments and have had no response past the automatic replies. The only phone contact is with their store card department which I phoned and was told that he had been informed to expect lots of calls re non refunds and non deliveries and to give out an email address which I used and got no response."

Amy says

"I placed an order (3 items). Received 2 and the third hasn't arrived for long. I emailed complaining about it, and finally it arrived (late) and surprisingly completely different item & different size (not the one I placed ). I emailed 3 times about that frustrating issue, but with no reply at all, and I haven't yet got my item. I am really so disappointed."

Charmain says

"I ordered some makeup & 3 bottles perfume 26/12. Received email 31/12 advising order was on its way. Nothing received yet but tracking advised parcel arrived with Hermes 08/01. Then 12/01 Debenhams emailed to advise my return had been processed. What return? I haven’t even received the order yet! I’ve never had a problem with Debenhams previously so putting it down to huge volumes of orders but no response to my email to Customer Services so far & I’m currently £258 out of pocket. Keeping everything crossed 🤞🤔"

Jean White says

"I am disgusted with this company. Ordered 2 perfume sets on 26 december. Supposedly despatched on 31 December. Got tracking for Hermes just says delayed. Will be despatched in 24 hours. Nothing received. Contacted customer services got nowhere. Contacted Hermes. Got nowhere. This is an order which cost me £96. I am still receiving e mails from Debenhams sale on a daily basis which is disgusting as people will be ordering goods they will never receive. Surely somebody should step in and stop this happening. Shame on you Debenhams."

krl mndp says

"Cancelled my order saying the product is no longer available. Checked the website and the product was still there with a higher price."

maxine wager says

"Recently brought a bra from debenhams online. Omg it was disgusting. Looked like it had been rolling around on their warehouse floor. The bra was yellow on the back part. Cups were yellow. Only part white was the straps!! No wonder they went down hill."

Derek Trimmer says

"Order of crystal glasses never arrived and email saying dispatched was sent 10 days ago. On trying to track from this email it comes up with error. Have sent over a dozen emails to automated response over last 2 weeks not a single reply from Debenhams despite their promise of being in touch within 2 days. Over £100 order and nothing to show for it. Have just started process with bank for reclaiming the cost."

Sundas fatima says

"It’s been a month I send them so many emails they don’t reply and they lost my three parcels, very shitttt customer service"

Michelle Jennings says

"Made an order in December parcel has never arrived 😓 have emailed customer service no reply . So bad on all levels 😡 so I’m out of pocket with no product to show for it"

Faisal Mehmood says

"We received an empty package today, with the back of the package tempered. It looks like its stolen or taken out. Really disappointed as it was an expensive perfume ordered as an anniversary present. Email their customer service but no reply yet."

Sheila Elsworth says

"SHAMEFUL DEBENHAM’S!! I ordered 2 beauty items in the sale. I had an email a few days later saying one item was sold out. When I received the other item there was a price ticket on it that was less than the price online so taking that price I only saved 10p! I emailed Customer Service and after a week they came back and in a nutshell said they wouldn’t refund the difference and if I’m not happy with the item I can send it back for refund. DISCUSTING CUSTOMER SERVICE - it was their error. Also tells me that they are getting rid of old stock so buyers beware of what you purchase. My purchase is repacked and ready return. Debenhams has no Integrity😡"

Jenny says

"So Debenhams will be remembered as scammers - what a legacy. While I feel for its employees, I work 3 jobs so it's not okay that my hard earned cash is now lost. No response to my emails and no goods which I ordered weeks ago. As I speak Debenhams is still trading and taking people's money online, fraudsters end of. Someone has already mentioned it on here, if your order is under £100 you can ask your bank or credit card company to do a charge back. If it's over and only if it's on your credit card then it's a Section 75 but speak to your bank or credit card provider."

Kathryn Haynes says

"Ordered trainers on 21.12.2020. Had several emails from Hermes and eventually received my parcel on 12.01.2021 which had my address on and a Debenhams label but was in a bright blue bag with no Debenhams paperwork and contained Flash cleaning cloths. Have emailed several times and messaged but no response."

Sapphire Adeline says

"Never received my order, told to wait nearly 3 weeks, still not here despite it being a very expensive item. Customer service shocking, absolutely no help"

Emma says

"Used to be a five but recent events have killed it for me. I understand that the company is not in a good position, but half of my order is missing, I can't return the part I got, and I can't get a reply to do something about it."

Paul says

"Complete and utter breakdown is going on at debenhams nobody getting there items delivered or items are missing once people receive them, my item was supposed to be sent out on the 3rd of January, tracking keeps saying we are expecting your parcel. Debenhams customer service don't care. So please contact your bank and start a reverse charge against them to get your money back people."

Carole says

"I have placed perhaps 25 online orders with Debenhams going back to 2019. I've noticed I'm not getting refunds for every return & asked for an itemized list of my purchases with price for each garment. I have emailed their CS ELEVEN times. They have given me one WRONG reply after ignoring most of my emails which requested the same thing. Then they started asking: "Send confirmation of your returns". Of course, I can't do that without a list of what I bought. I even tried contacting the Head of Customer Services, Jason Neiland. No joy. So I've upgraded the Complaint to the Consumer Dispute Resolution Limited (CDRL-the Retail Ombudsman). SHAME ON YOU DEBENHAMS! YOU COULD HAVE GONE OUT IN STYLE INSTEAD OF LEAVING SUCH A BAD TASTE WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS!"

Jaime Lee MacCalister says

"I've given them 3 stars because we did at least receive our items but having ordered 5 items we received 5 separate parcels. No wonder Debenhams has gone bust in part due to the amount of money wasted on postal charges."

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